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Euro coins of Finland

    The euro has been Finland's currency since January 1, 2002, replacing the Finnish mark. 2 series of euro coins were issued. The first series was minted from 1999 to 2007 at the Finnish Mint. Since 2007, coins of the second series have been issued that have the same design as the first series, with the exception of the presence on the obverse of the country designation "FI" and the sign of the mint of Finland. Also on the coins of the new model there is no designation "M" - the sign of the director of the mint of Finland Raimo Makkonen.

In    2008, Finland's euro coins underwent another change - on the national side of coins, the mint sign began to be placed not between the stars of the European Union, but in the central part of the coin. But since no other changes were made, the coins are part of the second series.

   Coins with a face value of 1 to 50 euro cents depict a crowned lion, which is the coat of arms of Finland. A Finnish coin with a denomination of 1 euro depicts two swans flying over the lake, and 2 euro - flowers and frost berries.

   Like other EU countries, Finland issues commemorative coins in denominations of 2 euro, dedicated to historical events and outstanding personalities of Finland. From 2004 to 2020, 26 anniversary coins of 2 euro were issued. As for euro collectible coins, as of 2020, Finland has issued more than 150 gold and silver coins with a face value of 5 to 100 euro.



Finnish Euro Coins:

Coins of Finland of regular minting of the 1999 model

Coins of Finland of regular minting of the 2007 model

Commemorative coins of the Euro of Finland

Circulation of Finnish euro coins