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Euro coins of Ireland

    Irish euro have been issued since 2002 at the Irish Mint in Dublin. All Irish euro coins depict a golden harp with silver strings, which is the coat of arms of the state.

   For all the time, Ireland issued 6 commemorative euro coins:

2007 - Roman Treaty series

2009 - series "10 years of the Economic and Monetary Union"

2012 - series "10 years of cash circulation Euro"

2015 - series "30 Years to the Flag of Europe"

2016 - 100 years since the Easter uprising

2019 - 100 years since the creation of Doyle Airen

   Ireland began to issue collectible and anniversary euro coins in 2003. To date, more than 50 collectible gold and silver coins have been issued in denominations from 5 to 100 euro.



Euro coins of Ireland:

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