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Silver coin "Melancholic Waltz" - 5 euro of Latvia, 2015

  Country: Latvia

Denomination: 5 euro

Release Date: 2015

Obverse: shining falling star and name of Latvian composer Emils Darzins

Reverse: inscription "VALSE MELANCOLIQUE"


Coinage: Royal Mint of the Netherlands

Design: Ilmars Blumbergs



5 euroSilver (925 samples)22.00 g35.00 mm5 000Proof



   A collector's silver coin of Latvia with a face value of 5 euro was issued in 2015 and dedicated to the Latvian composer Emils Darzins. Minted in the Dutch mint with a circulation of 5,000 coins.

   The obverse  of the silver coin of Latvia depicts a shining falling star, over which seven stripes are placed in a semicircle, symbolizing a rainbow.  

   On the reverse of the coin is the inscription "VALSE MÉLANCOLIQUE" as well as the denomination of the coin "5 EURO" and the year of issue "2015."



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