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Silver coin "Rainis and Aspasia" - 5 euro of Latvia, 2015

  Country: Latvia

Denomination: 5 euro

Release Date: 2015

Obverse: fragments of poems by the poets Rainis and Aspasia

Reverse: figures of the poet and poetess

Edge: smooth

Coinage: Mint of Lithuania

Design: Arta Ozola - Jaunaraja



5 euroSilver (925 samples)31.47 g38.61 mm7 000Proof



   A collector's silver coin of Latvia with a face value of 5 euro was issued in 2015 and is dedicated to the famous Latvian poet Rainis and his wife, the poetess Aspazia. The coin was minted at the Lithuanian mint with a circulation of 7,000 units.

   On the obverse  of the silver coin of Latvia are fragments of poems by Rainis and Aspasia. In the upper right corner is the denomination of the "5 EURO" coin, and in the lower left is the name of the country "LATVIJA" and the year of issue "2015."

   The reverse of the coin depicts the figures of the poet and poetess and their names.



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