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Silver coin "150 years since the birth of Eduard Veidenbaum" - 2.5 euro of Latvia, 2017

 Country: Latvia

Face value: set of 2 coins at 2.5 euro

Year of issue: 2017

Obverse: clouds

Reverse: traces in the snow

Edge: with the inscriptions "LATVIJAS BANKA" and "LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA"

Mint : Royal Mint of the Netherlands

Design: Arvids Priedite





2.5 euroSilver (925 samples)20.00 g

35.00 mm

3 000Proof



In    2017, the Bank of Latvia issued a set consisting of two collectible silver coins with a face value of 2.5 euro each and dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Latvian poet Eduard Veidenbaum. The coin was minted at the Dutch Mint with a circulation of 3,000 units.

  The obverse of the first coin depicts the clouds and signature of the poet, as well as a line from his poem - "Tiem veletos es lidzi talu skriet." On one of the clouds, the year of minting the 2017 coin is engraved.

   The reverse of the first coin shows traces in the snow and the name of the poet "Eduards" is placed on top. Below is the denomination of the coin "2.5 euro."


   The obverse of the second coin also depicts clouds, and above them in the upper left corner is another line from Eduard Weidenbaum's poem - "Tur taluma, kur ziemas nepazist." Under the composition is engraved  the face value of the coin "2.5 euro."

   On the reverse of the second coin above the tracks in the snow is the name of the poet "Veidenbaums" and below is the year of issue "2017."






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