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Silver coin "In heaven, blacksmith forged" - 5 euro of Latvia, 2017

  Country: Latvia

Denomination: 5 euro

Year of issue: 2017

Obverse: rider in traditional Latvian clothes with a sphere in his right hand, emitting lightning

Reverse: various jewelry falling on a shawl

Edge: with the inscriptions "LATVIJAS BANKA" and "LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA"

Mint : Royal Mint of the Netherlands

Design: Edgars Folks



5 euroSilver (925 samples)31.47 g

38.61 mm

4 000Proof



   The collector's silver coin of Latvia with a face value of 5 euro "In heaven, the blacksmith fork" was issued in 2017 with a circulation of 4,000 units. Minting was carried out in the Dutch mint.

   The obverse  of the silver coin of Latvia depicts a rider in traditional Latvian clothes with a sphere in his right hand radiating lightning. Under the image is the inscription "KALÆJS KALA DEBESĪS, OGLES BIRA DAUGAVĀ."

   The reverse of the coin depicts various jewelry falling on a shawl. Also on the reverse is the denomination "5 EURO" and the year of issue of the coin "2017."



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