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Silver coin "Legal System" - 20 euro of Lithuania, 2018

  Country: Lithuania

Denomination: 20 euro

Release date: February 13, 2018

Series: 100th anniversary of Lithuanian independence

Obverse: heraldic horseman Vitis, country name, date of independence of Lithuania

Reverse: inscriptions with key dates of the initial period of the history of modern Lithuania

Edge: smooth

Mint: Mint of Lithuania

Design: Liudas Parulskis



20 euroSilver (925 samples)28.28 g65.00 mm4 000proof



   A collectible silver coin with a face value of 20 euro from the series "100th Anniversary of the Independence of Lithuania" was issued on February 13, 2018 and is dedicated to the legal system of the state. Minting was carried out at the Lithuanian mint. The circulation was 4,000 coins.

   On the obverse of the collector's coin on the right side is the name of the country "LIETUVA" under it is depicted the stylized rider Vitis, as well as the face value of the coin "20 €" the year of minting "2018" and the sign of the mint. Below is the date of the declaration of independence of Lithuania "1918 VASARIO 16-OJI" ("FEBRUARY 16, 1918").

   On the reverse of the coin on the left in the square there is the inscription "VALSTYBĚS ATKŪRIMAS 100" and in the upper part there are inscriptions with key dates of the initial period of the history of modern Lithuania: "1918 11 02 LIETUVOS VALSTYBĚS KONSTITUCIJOS PAMATINIAI DĚSNIAI 1918" ("FOUNDATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF LITHUANIA" "1918 11 11 PIRMOJ" "1920 05 15 STEIGIAMASIS SEIMAS" ("CONSTITUENT DIET"), "1922 08 01 LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA" ("CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA").



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