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Gold coin "Technological Sciences" - 5 euro of Lithuania, 2018

  Country: Lithuania

Denomination: 5 euro

Release date: November 6, 2018

Series: Lithuanian science

Obverse: stylized coat of arms of Lithuania

Reverse: two satellites and fragments of messages sent from space

Edge: smooth

Mint: Mint of Lithuania

Design: Lukas Siupsinskas and Egle Ratkute



5 euroGold (999 samples)1.244 g13.92 mm4 000proof



   A collectible gold coin with a face value of 5 euro from the Lithuanian Science series was issued on November 6, 2018 and is dedicated to the technological sciences. Minted in the mint of Lithuania with a circulation of 4,000 coins.

   The obverse of the collector's coin depicts the stylized coat of arms of Lithuania, to the left of which is the name of the country "LIETUVA." At the bottom of the coin is the denomination "5 €" the year of minting "2018" and the sign of the Lithuanian mint.

   The reverse of the coin depicts two satellites, as well as fragments of messages sent from space - "Lietuva myli laisvο" and" Linkějimai visiems lietuviams. "



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