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Gold coin "Lithuanian Freedom Fighters Movement" - 50 euro of Lithuania, 2019

  Country: Lithuania

Denomination: 50 euro

Release date: June 12, 2019

Obverse: ornament from wood bark, which depicts a stylized heart with the coat of arms of Lithuania in the center

Reverse: tree trunks with the inscription "LIETUVOS LAISVĚS KOVOS SĄJŪDIS"

Edge: inscription "MINAIČIAI. 1949 META VASARIO 16-OJI (16 02 1949) "and double cross as divider

Mint: Mint of Lithuania

Design: Angle Ratkute



50 euroGold (999 samples)7.78 g22.30 mm3 000proof



   The collector's gold coin of Lithuania with a face value of 50 euro was issued on June 12, 2019 and is dedicated to the movement of the Union of Lithuanian Freedom Fighters. Minted in the Lithuanian mint with a circulation of 3,000 coins.

   The obverse of the Lithuanian collection coin depicts an ornament of wood bark, on which a stylized heart with the coat of arms of Lithuania in the center is viewed. On the left is the name of the country "LIETUVA" the denomination "50 €" is indicated below, and on the right side is the sign of the Lithuanian mint and the year of issue of the coin "2019."

   The reverse of the coin depicts tree trunks on which words are vertically inscribed, forming the phrase "LIETUVOS LAISVĚS KOVOS SĄJŪDIS" ("Movement of Fighters for the Liberation of Lithuania").



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