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Zukiya coin, 2 euro Lithuania

    A commemorative coin of 2 euro of Lithuania was issued on September 9, 2021 and dedicated to the historical region of Dzukia. The coin is part of the Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions series. Minted at the Mint of Lithuania with a total circulation of 500,000 units.

   The obverse of the commemorative coin of Lithuania depicts the coat of arms of the historical region of Dzukia. Above the image is the name of the country "LIETUVA" as well as the year of minting the coin "2021." In the lower part of the obverse is the name of the region "DZŪKIJA" and the sign of the Lithuanian mint is indicated. 12 stars of the European Union are located in a circle.


2 euro

Outer part - copper-nickel alloy

Inside - nickel brass

8.5 g25.75 mm2.2 mm




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