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Euro coins of Monaco

    Monaco euro coins have been issued since 2001 and during its existence 2 series of coins have been minted. So until 2006, the profile of Prince Rainier III was depicted on the obverse of coins with a face value of 1 and 2 euro, but after his death in April 2005, his heir Prince Albert II ascended the throne. In this regard, the second series of euro coins of Monaco was issued, on the coins of senior dignity of which the profile of the new prince was already depicted. Coins in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 euro cents also underwent changes, on which the monogram of Prince Albert II of Monaco was now placed, replacing the seal of the Grimaldi dynasty. The coinage of the younger face value of both the first and second series depicts the coat of arms of Monaco.

   The Principality of Monaco at the beginning of 2020 issued 9 commemorative coins with a face value of 2 euro.

   In addition to jubilee coins of 2 euro, Monaco has issued 11 collector coins in denominations from 5 to 100 euro since 2002, 4 of which are gold and 7 silver.



Monaco Euro Coins:

Monaco coins of regular minting of the 2001 model

Monaco coins of regular minting model 2006

Commemorative euro coins Monaco

Circulation of Monaco euro coins