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10 Euro cents, Netherlands (2014)

    Dutch coins with a face value of 10 Euro cents of the second type depicting the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander have been issued at the Dutch mint since 2014. Designed by Erwin Olaf.

   On the obverse of the coin of 10 Euro cents of regular minting is a profile portrait of Willem-Alexander, divided in the center by two vertical inscriptions: "Willem-Alexander" and "Koning der Nederlanden." Next to the name of the monarch are the signs of the Royal Mint of the Netherlands and its general director. Also in the lower left part of the coin is the year of minting, and 12 stars of the European Union are placed in the circle.


10 Euro centsNorthern gold (copper-aluminum alloy)4.1 g19.75 mm1.93 mm



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