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50 Euro cents, Netherlands (2014)

    Coins of the Netherlands 50 Euro cents of regular minting of the second type have been issued since 2014. Minting is carried out at the Royal Mint of the Netherlands. The author of the design of the national side is the famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

   On the obverse of a coin of 50 Euro cents is depicted the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander. Also in the center of the obverse there are two inscriptions drawn vertically: "Willem-Alexander" and "Koning der Nederlanden." The signs of the Dutch mint and its director general are located on both sides on behalf of the king. The year of coinage is indicated in the lower left. Around the image are 12 EU stars.


50 Euro centsNorthern gold (copper-aluminum alloy)7.8 g24.25 mm2.38 mm



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