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Euro coins of Slovenia

    Slovenian euro coins have been minted since 2007 and are modern currency signs of the state. Each national side of the coins of Slovenia has a unique design. So on a coin of 1 Euro cent there is a white stork, on 2 Eurocents - the base of an ancient Roman column, and on 5 Eurocents - a fragment of Ivar Grokhar's painting "The Sower." Coins with a face value of 10, 20 and 50 Euro cents depict the building of the national parliament of Slovenia, horses of the Lipitan breed and Mount Triglav, respectively. On the obverse of a coin of 1 euro is a portrait of Primoges Trubar, and on 2 euro is a portrait of Franze PreŇ°ern.

Since    2007, Slovenia has issued 14 commemorative and anniversary coins with a face value of 2 euro. More than 40 collectible gold and silver coins in denominations of 3, 30 and 100 euro were also issued, dedicated to important historical events and outstanding personalities of Slovenia.



Euro coins of Slovenia:

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