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Coin "European Year of Cultural Heritage" 2 Euros Vatican

    The Vatican's commemorative Euro 2 coin "European Year of Cultural Heritage" was issued in 2018 with a circulation of 86,000 coins.

   The obverse of the commemorative coin depicts the sculpture "Laocon and his sons" located in the Vatican Museum of Pius Clement. Along the circumference is the inscription "ANNO EUROPEO DEL PATRIMONIO CULTURALE" ("EUROPEAN YEAR OF CULTURAL HERITAGE"), and at the bottom is the name of the country "CITTA DEL VATICANO" ("VATICAN CITY "). The upper part indicates the sign of the mint ("R") and the year of minting the 2018 coin. On the outer ring are 12 stars of the European Union.


2 euro

Outer part - copper-nickel alloy

Inside - nickel brass

8.5 g25.75 mm2.2 mm



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