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Vatican Euro

   Vatican euro have been issued since 2002 at the Italian Mint in Rome. In total, three series of coins were issued. From 2002 to 2005, coins were minted with a portrait of Pope John Paul II. In 2005, in connection with the death of the pontiff, coins depicting the coat of arms of the Apostolic Chamberlain were issued. Since 2006, a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI has been depicted on the obverse of Vatican euro coins.

   For all the time, the Vatican issued 11 commemorative coins with a face value of 2 euro. As for collectible coins, as of 2013, 62 types of Vatican gold and silver euro coins have been issued.



Vatican Euro Coins:

Vatican coins of the first series of 2002

Vatican coins of the second series of 2005

2006 Vatican Third Series Coins

Vatican Euro commemorative coins

Circulation of Vatican euro coins