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Coins of Bahawalpur

Princely State of Bahawalpur (1833–1955) بہاولپُور

Bahawal Khan Abbasi III (1827-1852)

Mohammed Bahawal Khan III silver reduced weight rupee, Ahmadpur mint
silver weight rupee, Ahmadpur
7.55 g. 20 mm.
Legend, with AH date 1265 (1848-49 AC)

Sadiq Muhammad Khan V Abbasi (1907-1947) جنرل نواب صادق محمد خان عباسی

Sadiq Mohammed V: Copper Quarter Anna
Copper Quarter Anna
4.70 g. 25 mm.
Bust of Sadiq Mohammed left, legend around: Al-Haj Sadiq Mohammed V Abassi date below: 1940
Toughra legend, legend below: One Quarter Anna, Bahawalpur State, AH legend at left: 1309, crescent moon and star at right, all surrounded by a circle of 5-pointed stars