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Byzantine Emperor Alexius III coins

1195-1203 Alexius III was the brother of Isaac II whom he had deposed and blinded in a plot. If Isaac was unpopular then Alexius turned out to be even more so. He continued a policy of pilfering his own people for his personal benefit and couldn't care less what troubles were brewing outside so long as his own life of luxury was guaranteed.As the Franks and Venetians who made up the bulk of the Fourth Crusade set their sights squarely on Constantinople he did not even give orders to fortify the defensive positions of the city or store any provisions in case of a siege. When at last the Crusade did arrive he panicked on account of their strength and, on news that a puppet had been selected to replace him, fled to the countryside with all his women, jewels and the tidy sum of 10,000 pounds of gold.

AU Hyperpyron

SB 2008, DOC IV 1 AU Hyperpyron Obv: Christ standing facing on dais.
Rev: Alexius and St. Constantine standing facing, holding patriarchal cross between them. (Constantinople). $400 5/21/03.

AU Aspron Trachy

SB 2010 AU (Electrum) Aspron Trachy Obv: +KROHОёI - Full-length figure of Christ enthroned facing, numbate and draped, holding book of Gospels in left arm and raising right in benediction, flanked by IC XC
Rev: AО›ОЈIWО”CО О?KWN'TANTI - Alexius and Saint Constantine standing facing, holding vexillum between them, each holding a cruciform scepter. (Constantinople).

Billon Trachy

SB 2011-13 Trachy Obv: Bust of Christ facing, raising hand in benediction.
Rev: Alexius (left) and St. Constantine (right) holding globus cruciger between them. $17 10/27/02.