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Byzantine Emperor Anonymous Coinage coins

AR Basilikon

SB 2587, DOC V 544 Basilikon Obv: Christ seated facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels.
Rev: The Virgin Mary seated facing, holding baby Jesus; B B across fields. 1304-1320 (Constantinople).

Billon Tornese

SB 2578, DOC V 1209, Bendall 362 Billon Tornese Obv: City walls with four towers; cross and pellets above, florets at sides.
Rev: +О OО›ITIKON - Cross potent. c.1328-1354 (Constantinople). [Part of the so-called "Politikon" series; an autonomous issue of western merchants based in Constantinople]. $1,000 5/21/03.

AE Follis

SB 1793 AE Follis (Class A) Obv: +EMMANOVHL - IC XC across field, facing bust of Christ, holding Gospels; two pellets in each limb of nimbus.
Rev: +IhSUS/XRISTUS/bASILU/bASILE - Legend in four lines. 969-976 (Constantinopolis).

SB 1813 AE Follis (Class Obv: Facing bust of Jesus Christ, holding nimbus cross and gospel.
Rev: +IhSS/XRISTS/bASIL/bASIL - Inscription in four lines. 1003-1025 (Constantinople).

SB 1818 AE Follis (Class A3) Obv: Facing bust of nimbate Christ, pellets in the arms of nimbus, wearing pallium and colobium, holding the Gospels in both hands.
Rev: +IhSS/XRISTS/bASIL/bASIL - Legend in four lines; arabesques above and below. c.1020-1030.

SB 1823 AE Follis (Class Obv: +EMMANOVHL - Nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding book of Gospels; IC in left field, XC in right field.
Rev: IS XS/bAS-ILE/bAS-ILE - Legend in three lines, cross, with pellet at each extremity, on three steps. c.1028-1034 (Constantinople).

SB 1825 AE Follis Obv: CMMANOVHA - Facing bust of Jesus Christ, holding nimbus cross and gospel.
Rev: IC XC/NI KA - Legend in the quadrants of a jeweled cross. c.1034-1041 (Nicomedia).

SB 1836 AE Follis (Class D) Obv: IC XC across field, Christ seated facing on throne, holding Gospels.
Rev: +ISXS/bASILE/bASIL. 1050-1060 (Constantinopolis).

SB 1910 AE Follis (Class J) Obv: Christ bust facing, raising hand.
Rev: Cross on crescent; pellets around. c.1081-1118 (Constantinopolis).

SB 1903, DOC III M.1 AE Follis (Class M) Obv: Christ enthroned.
Rev: Jewelled cross. c.1080 (Constantinople).

AE Assarion

SB 2592 AE Follis Obv: Nimbate figure of Christ on footstool, clasping the hand of John, who holds model of city; stars scattered around fields.
Rev: St. Demetrius standing facing, holding scepter and shield; star by head. c.1354-1369 (Thessalonica). $150 4/1/01.