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Byzantine Emperor Artavasdus coins

741-743 Artavasdus was Leo's son-in-law and partner in the overthrow of Theodosius III, who rebelled on Constantine V's accesion as sole ruler. He restored the worship of images which was well received. His reign was cut short after his defeat in battle by Constantine, who had fled to Asia Minor when Theodosius was overthrown.

AU Solidus

SB 1542, DOC III 2, BN 1 AU Solidus Obv: GAPAASDOSML - Crowned facing bust of Artavasdus, holding patriarchal cross.
Rev: CNIChFORSMLA - Crowned facing bust of Nicephorus, holding patriarchal cross. $14,000 1/16/02.

AR Miliaresion

SB 1545, DOC II 6 Miliaresion Obv: IhSUS XRIS TUS nICA - Cross potent on base and three steps.