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Constantia coins

c.290 - c.330 Wife of Licinius, daughter of Constantius I and sister of Constantine I. The political marriage between the two was effected to ease tensions between the two great rivals and for a long time it served the purpose well. When Licinius was beaten for the last time Constantia was able to have her husband's death sentence lifted thanks to her appeals and the love Constantine had for her. Licinius would be despatched shortly afterwards on trumped up charges but the short reprieve was all thanks to Constantia's efforts. Constantia also takes an active role in the early Christian church finding favor with the Arian sect, the followers of which would be exiled and excommunicated after her death.


RIC 15 (VII, Constantinople), LRBC 977 AE3 Obv: CONSTANTIANF - Braided head right, wearing mantle and necklace.
Rev: SORORCONSTANTINIAVG Exe: CONS - Wreath, legend within reading PIET/ASPVB/LICA. 326-327 (Constantinopolis).