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Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI coins


AU Solidus

SB 1591, DOC III 2 AU Solidus Obv: CONSTANTINSCA' - Crowned busts of Constantine VI, holding globus, and Irene, holding scepter.
Rev: SVIRINIAGСћM'AVTOV - Leo III, Constantine V and Leo IV enthroned. 790-792 (Constantinople).

SB 1594, DOC III 3 AU Solidus Obv: COhSTAntInOSbAS - Bust of Constantine VI facing, wearing crown with cross and chlamys, and holding globus cruciger and akakia.
Rev: HRHnIAVGYtH - Bust of Irene facing, wearing loros and crown with four pinnacles and pendilia, holding globus cruciger and scepter.

AE Follis

SB 1598, DOC III 7 AE Follis Obv: Crowned bust of Irene, holding globus cruciger and scepter.
Rev: Crowned bust of Constantine VI; pellet and cross in right field; above large M X N A in exergue. 792-797. $650 5/22/02.