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Byzantine Emperor Eudocia (First Reign) coins

1067 Eudocia Makrembolitissa was the niece of the powerful Patriarch of Constantinople Michael Cerularius, whose prosecution by the military Emperor Isaac I Comnenus (1057-1059) resulted in the latter's downfall. Eudocia married the aristocrat Constantine Ducas, who ascended the throne as Constantine X in 1059 and reigned for eight chaotic years. On his death in May of 1067, Eudocia herself assumed the throne as regent for her young sons Michael and Constantius. Although a capable administrator, Eudocia was entirely allied with the civilian aristocracy at time when the Empire's frontiers were crumbling, and after a brief seven month reign she was forced to marry the general Romanus Diogenes, who ascended the throne in January 1068 as Romanus IV.

AU Histamenon

SB 1857, DOC III 1 AU Histamenon Obv: +IhSXISRECXREGNANTINM - Christ enthroned, holding Gospels.
Rev: +MIXEVР KKWNS - Eudocia standing on footstool, flanked by Michael and Constantius. May - December 1067 (Constantinople).