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Germanicus coins

15 BC - 19 CEThe father of Caligula, brother of Tiberius and stepson of Augustus, Germanicus held an enviable imperial pedigree. He was an able and loved general who had the rare Augustan traits of moderation and leadership without excess. Even though Augustus appointed Tiberius emperor he far preferred the qualities of Germanicus and left plans in place to ensure that he stayed in the limelight and perhaps succeed Tiberius. Unfortunately, his popularity grew to such an extent that Tiberius became jealous for he knew that it would take little arm-twisting from the part of Germanicus to mount a coup that would probably end in his deposing. Tiberius's worries would be laid to rest however when Germanicus died suddenly and unexpectedly of a mysterious illness, possibly the effects of poisoning.

AR Drachm

RIC 63 (Caligula), S 1798 Cistophoric Drachm Obv: GERMANICVSCCAESARAVG - Bare head right.

AE Dupondius (Posthumous)

RIC 56 (Caligula) Dupondius Obv: GERMANICVS/CAESAR - Germanicus in triumphal quadriga right; panel of chariot decorated with Victory.
Rev: SIGNIS RECEPT/DEVICTIS GERM - Large S C across field, Germanicus standing left, holding eagle-tipped scepter.

RIC 57 (Caligula), C 7 Dupondius Obv: GERMANICVS/CAESAR - Germanicus riding quadriga right, holding scepter.
Rev: SIGNIS RECE/DEVICTIS GERM - Germanicus advancing left, raising hand and holding scepter. 37-41 (Rome).

AE As (Posthumous)

RIC 35 (Caligula), BMC 49, S 1821 As Obv: GERMANICVSCAESARTIAVGVSTFDIVIAVGN - Bare head of Germanicus left.
Rev: CCAESARAVGGERMANICVSPONMTRPOT - Legend around large S C. 37-38 (Rome).

RIC 43 corr. (Caligula), BMC 60 As Obv: GERMANICVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGN - Bare head left.

RIC 50 (Claudius), BMC 74 (Caligula), C 4 As Obv: GERMANICVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGN - Bare head of left.
Rev: CCAESARDIVIAVGPRONAVGPMTRPIIIIPP - Legend around large S C. 40-41 (Rome). $395 8/29/03.

RIC 106 (Claudius), S 1905, BMC 218, C 9 As Obv: GERMANICVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGN - Bare head right.
Rev: TICLAVDIVSCAESARAVGGERMPMTRPIMPPP - Legend around large SC. 50-54 (Rome).

RIC 228 (Titus), S 2597 As Obv: GERMANICVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGN - Bare head left.
Rev: IMPTCAESDIVIVESPFAVGREST - Legend around large S C. 80 (Rome).