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Byzantine Emperor Isaac Comnenus (usurper in Cyprus) coins

1184-1191 Another high-ranking Comnenus, this Isaac was Manuel I's grand-nephew. He rebelled against the unpopular rule of Andronicus I and overtook Cyprus. Andronicus made no substantial efforts to depose the usurper and Isaac, in turn, made no efforts to retake the rest of the empire.He was finally deposed, unexpectedly, by the army under the command of Richard the Lionheart of the Third Crusade while en route with his fleet to Jerusalem. For whatever reason Richard had ordered the temporary detour and invaded the island probably only because he calculated that it would be a relatively minor effort that would not detract too long from his primary mission. Of course, he had no intention of returning Cyprus to the Byzantines.

AE Trachy

SB 1991 AE Trachy Obv: ICAAKIOC - The Virgin enthroned facomg.
Rev: ОёREWPО“IOC - Isaac and St. George holding patriarchal cross.