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Byzantine Emperor Michael VI coins


AU Histamenon Nomisma

SB 1840 Histamenon Nomisma Obv: +IhSXISReXReGNANTIhm - Facing bust of Christ, nimbus with one pellet in each limb, wearing pallium and colobium, raising right hand in blessing and holding Book of Gospels in left.
Rev: mIXAHLAYtOCRAts - Standing figures of Michael VI, left, wearing crown and jewelled chlamys, holding globus cruciger, blessed by Virgin, right, wearing pallium and maphorion, between their heads.

AU Tetarteron Nomisma

SB 1841, DOC III 2.4, Berk 311 AU Tetarteron Nomisma Obv: Nimbate bust of Mary, orans; MHP QV to left and right.
Rev: Michael standing, holding long cross and akakia. $5,900 9/19/01.