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Byzantine Emperor Michael VII Ducas coins


AU Histamenon Nomisma

SB 1868, DOC III 2d AU (Electrum) Histamenon Obv: IC XC - Facing bust of Christ.
Rev: +MIXAHLRACILOV - Crowned facing bust of Michael, holding labarum and globus cruciger. (Constantinople).

SB 1869 AU Histamenon Obv: Christ enthroned facing.
Rev: Crowned bust of Michael facing, holding labarum and globus with cross composed of four dots. (Constantinople).

AU Tetarteron

SB 1872 Tetarteron Obv: The Virgin Mary bust facing, holding medallion of baby Jesus.
Rev: Michael VII and Maria standing facing, together holding patriarchal cross with X and crescent on shaft. 1071-1078 (Constantinople).

AR Miliaresion

SB 1873, Ratto 2035 AR Miliaresion Obv: Christ standing, facing.
Rev: Michael standing, holding cruciger.

AE Follis

SB 1878, DOC III 14 AE Follis Obv: Bust of Christ facing, cross behind; IC-XC above transverse limbs; stars below.
Rev: Bust facing, holding labarum and globus-cruciger. (Constantinople).