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Regalianus coins

c.260 Regalianus was a usurper under the reign of Gallienus shortly after the capture of Valerian. His soldiers revolted against the tyrannical nature of Gallienus and his oppression in the region. Regalianus lasted for a short time before he fell to either an undocumented battle with Gallienus or at the hands of his own supporters. All of his coins are exceedingly rare and often overstruck over older ones.

AE Antoninianus

RIC 7, C 4 Antoninianus Obv: IMPCPCREGALIANVSAVG - Radiate head right.
Rev: ORIENSAVGG - Sol standing left raising right arm and holding whip in left. (Carnuntum).

RIC 8, C 5 Antoninianus Obv: IMPCPCREGALIANVSAVG - Radiate bust right.
Rev: PROVIDENTIAAVGG - Providentia standing left, holding cornucopia and modius. $7,520 5/27/02.