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Byzantine Emperor Romanus I coins


AR Miliaresion

SB 1754, DOC III 18 AR Miliaresion Obv: IhSUSXRISTUShICA - Cross Potent on three steps, globe beneath, within triple dotted border.
Rev: +ROMAhOТ‘/XPISTOFOR/CECONSTAh/EhXТ‘WEVSE/bТ‘bASILТ‘RТ‘ - Legend in five lines within triple dotted border ornamented with eight pellets. (Constantinople).

SB 1755, DOC III 20 AR Miliaresion Obv: IhSSXRISSnICA - Cross potent with name and medallion of Romanus. R/w M/A across fields.
Rev: ROMANO'/CONSTANT'/STEFANOS/CECONSTA'/ENX•WB'R' - Legend in five lines, arabesques above and below. 933-944. $950 9/19/02.

AE Follis

SB 1760 AE Follis Obv: +RWMANbASILEVSRWM - Facing bust of Romanus I, wearing crown, draped, cuirassed, holding eagle tipped scepter and globe with cross.
Rev: +RWMA/hEheEWbA/SILEVSRW/MAIWn - Legend in four lines. 920-944 (Constantinople).