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Byzantine Emperor Theodore II Lascaris coins

1254-1258 There were several things going for Theodore. He had been well educated and his father was universally loved by subjects. But he was also handicapped by epilepsy which would render him paralyzed at the most innoportune of times. As the commander in chief of his forces this was a consideration that could not be overlooked as a mere nuisance. Theodore, either directly by his disability or through resentment became suspicious and jealous of his generals. This in turn escalated into the first rumors of mutiny as the whole Nicaean nation was itching for the epic struggle to retake Constantinople. This bickering and lack of trust was undermining those efforts at a critical juncture. The whole issue was resolved through his death which came none too soon as far as everyone was concerned. John, his eight-year-old son, was heir to the throne but the key players all had other plans and the boy emperor was soon ousted to be replaced with Michael VIII.

AE Trachy

SB 2141, DOC II 9 Trachy Obv: Standing figure of Christ.
Rev: Theodore, holding scepter and globus cruciger, being crowned by the Virgin Mary. 1254-1258 (Magnesia).